Excelling in evaluation in healthcare communication

We’ve been working with the Public Health Wales Communication Team. They recently commissioned a review of their communication plans and practice. They are keen to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis in a position of strength and they identified that one of their improvement areas was communication evaluation.

At Blue Lozenge we developed a tailored programme of evaluation training that would not only build their individual capability but that would enhance the capability of the whole team. We reviewed comms strategies and plans and conducted a skills analysis to tailor the content.

Building on the International Association of Measurement and Evaluation in Communication (AMEC) and Government Communication Service (GCS) models we developed the ‘Excelling in Evaluation in Healthcare Communication’ programme. The programme covers evaluation theory and practices for corporate strategy, campaigns and channels, setting the foundation for developing a comprehensive dashboard tailored to their organisational strategy and that will meet the needs of reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

If you’d like to discuss how your comms team can benefit from the ‘Excelling in Evaluation in Healthcare’ programme please get in touch.

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Susan Belfourd, Public Health Wales

“Our team has been lucky enough to have some training on evaluation by Blue Lozenge. Honestly one of the best training courses I’ve been on in ages, it was insightful, engaging and practical.”

James Field, Public Health Wales

“Loved the course: flexible, focused on our needs and work, gave constructive criticism and will form the basis for a new organisational approach to evaluation.”